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The Tale of the SOHO Renaissance

In the year of dwindling hope, nineteen hundred and ninety two, a heavy fog of boredom and sleepiness settled upon Rivertown, whose fair and gentle inhabitants are known by many as The People of the Fountain. Lo, The People of the Fountain didst resigneth themselves, man, woman, and child alike, to a laborsome existence devoid of mirth and merriment, for the Tavern Keepers provideth them with only mundane jesters, minstrels and artisans. Lo Season after season, The people of the Fountain offered intercession, alms(charity to poor), and fasting in hope of winds of change that might blow new life into their fair Valley. They longed for their displeasure to be heard and then, amid this hot and humid climate, didst the People of the Fountain turn their eyes to the North, where cometh From the Empire of Vulcan (Birmingham) not one but two Bohemians,of uncommon vision, David and Vickie, - prophet and prophetess in their countenance. Prophet David and Prophetess Vickie did speak thusly to the masses "Lo ye of despair, We bringeth you a voice, and this voice through which you will speaketh shall be known as "Playgrounds"". Prophet David and Prophetess Vickie set forth to provide a voice for the artisans, minstrels and jesters. And Lo, the people of the Fountain rejoiced, and broke into merriment! And long didst their celebrating persist - ten winters and ten summers in length.

Yet, after ten years of servitude in beauty and art, Prophet David and Prophetess Vickie saw the masses falling prey again to despair. Realizing the limits of mere critique, and the failings in the entertainment scene, long they pondered, and to a new, bolder quest didst they pledge. Not again would their land have to march to the tune of merely local minstrels who purvey cheap imitations of their forefathers. The Bohemians set forth to bring grand change. They found a room where The People of the Fountain could gather. They then enlisted the help of Sir Dennis"He of the Golden Ears" to make the sound most sweet. They recruited the finest servers of the land to pour wine and spirits for the people, Ladies Wendy, Amanda, and Amber and Lord Stephen, Dylan, Doug and Duffy. They then sent scouts forth to the four corners and obtained new minstrels playing original tunes of intrigue for the People of the Fountain and they reveled in their new found merriment. And thus was SOHO born! And Lo, on any night of the week you can partake of the fruits of their labor. And the People of the Fountain smile, and rejoice unto this day.